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About Lancashire Log Company

Lancashire Log Company are a family operated business established in 1979 origionally as an arable farm operating on rented land in the county of Cheshire

By the late 80s we where purchasing farm land and commercial premises in Lancashire for crop growing and in the winter months we would sell firewood and christmas trees

The 1990's saw a boom in demand for christmas trees and the purchase of a 300 acre estate in the scotish borders aswel as hardwood and softwood plantations carried out by ourselves in 3 phases in 1989, 1992 and 1993

Millenium - as the new millenium rold around the firewood side of the business was growing steadily year on year and in 2007 we dedicated 1 of our yards in Preston and a yard in Lymm, Cheshire solely to firewood processing and drying.

Fast forward 10 years and we have gone from strength to strength, operating our own woodfired kilns for drying timber on site and increasing our delivery fleet to include 2 crane mounted vehicles for delivering bulk bags of Logs,in recent years we have reduced our kindling production and stopped selling net bags of Logs to focus completely on our Bulk Loads and our bulk bag orders, we have also stopped selling our products nationwide, this has helped us dedicate more time to delivering to local customers helping to greatly reduce waiting times and focus more time on quality control and processing stock.

The company is now being run by the origional owners son and wife Paul and Charlotte, both have a real passion for sustaining the long term sustainabilty of British Timber and supporting local small business and look forward to many more successful years.